Top Rated Activities.

Still bored?

Well don't worry! If games have failed you or you just want to get out and experience some of the reason you sail, DON'T PANIC, there's always something to do. And living on a boat gives you the freedom to do all sorts of great activities.

So here's some of the top things you can do!

These are rated by the number of submissions


Starting at number 10 is Reading.

It may seam like an odd choice. But when all else fails reading is a great way to pass the time. Just grab a book and away you go. And if you don't have any good books or just want a new one, most marinas will have a bookshelf where you can pick up or swap books with the other people in the marina.


Next at number 9 is Fishing.

Everybody does it. And whether you're doing a serious day tip, trolling while you're sail, or just casting off the side of your boat. Fishing can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. So go throw out a line and see what you catch.


Moving on to number 8: Swimming.

You live on a flippin' boat! You are surrounded by water almost 24/7! Shouldn't be doing this already?
Whether you're bobbing around your boat, paddling  in a pool or boogie boarding at the beach. Swimming never gets old.
You don't need a site to remind you that!


At number 7 is surfing.

If you're living on a boat, you're always going to be on the coast, which means beaches are readily available no matter what. So if you haven't yet investing in a surf board or even some lessons it would be well worth looking into.

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